Tuesday, June 24, 2014

False Security of Open Carry

What's more scary to me than these Open Carry Domestic Terrorists is how easily they can be disarmed. A motivated person wanting to do harm, in a matter of seconds could disarm and kill one of these unsuspecting gun nuts. 

Carrying a firearm demands the carrier have overwhelming control of their weapon. Be it the weapon is unloaded, in a case, trigger locked, rendered unable to fire,.... A concealed weapon remains in control of the carrier, at a high degree of certainty, due to the weapon's presence is not known to an untrained eye and the difficultly of taking the weapon away.

However, nonchalantly toting a weapon is, at the very least, bordering on irresponsible gun ownership, due to the degree of control over the weapon is very low. An untrained, but motivated person could easily overpower and take an openly carried weapon, from an unsuspecting, unguarded & unassuming open carrier.

How is it an open carrier can be so unsuspecting, unguarded & unassuming?  Arrogance. These people prove utter lack of awareness of the danger they pose. The open carrier wrong assumes no can mess with them, which make them ripe for conquest.

How is an open carrier erring? First of all, most of them are displaying their weapons, failing to maintain a defensive posture necessary to retain possession of their weapons. Second, it is neither an offensive posture. As with the defensive posture, an offensive posture the carrier has asserted a high degree of control over the weapon to retain possession. Finally, displaying a weapon clearly indicating a lack of awareness that mere presence of a weapon increases the likelihood someone will be shot.

*I'm not an expert, just a guy with a perspective.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Dear Media,

Do not fall into the sensationalism trap. It is a disservice to legitimate research & the American people which are due accurate & true reporting, always and without fail. Imprecise terms enable, aid & abet RWNJs conspiratorial nature. For sake of reason & country, let us sever all ties and leave them behind.

Scientific illiteracy is akin to disease, in that it inhibits productive use of our minds. The media has a duty to educate people and stamp out scientific illiteracy, but yet compel us see new possibilities and stark realities.  Alleviate society's burden of having to carry water for those who refuse knowledge.

Please understand your role in disseminating scientific knowledge. Trust in your readers' scientific literacy and understanding. Brevity shall be normalized and expected in discussions & articles of scientific research.

Embrace the Fourth Estate, endowed by our Constitution & strive to attain its truest potential. In hopes of leading us toward the betterment of humankind & that our brain's providence will carry us to attain a world befitting our unimagined possiblity.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No Mr. President, We Shall Not Validate a Racially Charged Arugment

If these people cannot proffer discourse in a discussion, their opinions are not due consideration. This is part of the problem, one of the great ills of this country.

Why is it always Liberals/Progressives/Democrats/Rationalists who must cede to the crazy & hatred of the right. As though, the more coarse and intolerant they are strengthens their argument. Where is the call for them to give consideration to rational, thoughtful and humane ideas?

When republicans choose to put on the big boy pants, only then can there be negotiations. If we cede, we condone and they win, their winning means this country loses.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Be Pro-active with Your Children's Education

Parents have a duty to providing a fundamental foundation to their children's education. Parents need an engendered sense of wanting to their children to know how to read and do basic math before their children enter school. At the very least, they should be aiming for their child being able to read and do basic math prior being sent off to school. 

Then parents need to teach their children to respect their teachers and classmates. That will cure most ills seen in the public school system. Enabling our country to have one of the best education systems in the world.

If you are unwilling to make this basic commitment, don't have children. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Economic Stimulus & Energy Efficiency

Imagine if the government made LEED more accessible to the lower rung of the economic ladder. If say, a non-LEED home sells for $100k, but with $30k of updates the home could be LEED.

However, the home-buyer can only afford the former home. A program could be created where the government owns a slice of that home, the $30k slice. Then all new build homes could be LEED. So when the home is sold, the government would get its money back or could allow the next buyer the option of the government to retain that same slice. No need for interest charges on the $30k, as it would already be made back by increased economic activity.

*I sent this message to both of my Senators Brown & Portman.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Drug Disposal and Cleaner Waterways

What about a seven (7) cent tax on Prescriptions & OTC Medications to fund Clean Water? Long advised and wrongly so, Prescriptions/Medications have been flushed down toilets and/or leach out septic systems & landfills. These actions have documented negative affects on our waterways & biological creatures.

Actually, all I want is a new program, could be state ran, what do I care who's in control of it. Simply put; install collection barrels in Pharmacies for incineration of all unused Pharmaceuticals, Prescription or otherwise. Though, seven (7) cents a Script & OTC medications would fully fund it.

Part of the message sent to both Senator Brown and Senator Portman, about once per year, updated annually.

Sourced information:
1.5B otc purchases/yr, based on numbers found here: http://www.chpa.org/MarketStats.aspx
4B scripts written/yr: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/09/120912125529.htm
5.5B total purchases (est downward, higher than 1.00 ave purchases otc)

67,000 Pharmacies: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pharmacies_in_the_United_States
$100/wk/per pharmacy collection & incineration: (est. upward on various commercial delivery/waste collection & disposal sources)
10% admin & PR (program costs managed by annual receipts)
Manufacturers pay for own disposal

Est. Cost 385M (est. upward)
Est. Receipts 390M (est. downward)