Thursday, December 26, 2013

To the Filth, Disparaging the Disabled & Impaired

Take your reckless hate elsewhere.

These individuals are of the highest order, in this country or anywhere else. So what if they were born with a significant impairment be physical or mental. Just because they don't function in a way you consider ideal, does not in anyway define their character.

You want to see the best this country has to offer, step inside any special needs classroom across this country.

If perhaps, you run across an impaired individual, who is seemingly filled with hate and uncontrollable aggression, that lost soul was mostly destroyed by savage barbarians' reckless hate and abuse wholly unfit to share your Oxygen.

Sir, don't you dare make another such disparaging remark the remainder of your life.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pope Francis: Flow the Message, Not the Man

Let this man lead you to new found inspiration, unshackling your long captive progressive passion. I am no advocate for anyone to pursue a path to the church (any church), religion, Gods, Idols nor worship, rather I feel it in your interest to dissuade you from pursuing them. Instead, embrace the message from the strongest voice willing to offer a left of center message, in generations.

Humans can fail and/or be torn apart by opposition. Allowing yourself to put 'faith' in others can leave you dispirited and dejected. Don't put your trust in him, assume he is not not going to follow through.

Encourage him to go further, take action, and beyond. Lend your support to the message.