Friday, January 10, 2014

Economic Stimulus & Energy Efficiency

Imagine if the government made LEED more accessible to the lower rung of the economic ladder. If say, a non-LEED home sells for $100k, but with $30k of updates the home could be LEED.

However, the home-buyer can only afford the former home. A program could be created where the government owns a slice of that home, the $30k slice. Then all new build homes could be LEED. So when the home is sold, the government would get its money back or could allow the next buyer the option of the government to retain that same slice. No need for interest charges on the $30k, as it would already be made back by increased economic activity.

*I sent this message to both of my Senators Brown & Portman.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Drug Disposal and Cleaner Waterways

What about a seven (7) cent tax on Prescriptions & OTC Medications to fund Clean Water? Long advised and wrongly so, Prescriptions/Medications have been flushed down toilets and/or leach out septic systems & landfills. These actions have documented negative affects on our waterways & biological creatures.

Actually, all I want is a new program, could be state ran, what do I care who's in control of it. Simply put; install collection barrels in Pharmacies for incineration of all unused Pharmaceuticals, Prescription or otherwise. Though, seven (7) cents a Script & OTC medications would fully fund it.

Part of the message sent to both Senator Brown and Senator Portman, about once per year, updated annually.

Sourced information:
1.5B otc purchases/yr, based on numbers found here:
4B scripts written/yr:
5.5B total purchases (est downward, higher than 1.00 ave purchases otc)

67,000 Pharmacies:
$100/wk/per pharmacy collection & incineration: (est. upward on various commercial delivery/waste collection & disposal sources)
10% admin & PR (program costs managed by annual receipts)
Manufacturers pay for own disposal

Est. Cost 385M (est. upward)
Est. Receipts 390M (est. downward)

Presidential Ranking These Past 80 Years

I rank the Presidents since FDR (1933) as follows:

1. Roosevelt
2. Eisenhower
3. Johnson
4. Truman
5. Kennedy
6. Clinton
7. Carter
8. Ford
9. Obama
10. GHWBush
11. Nixon
12. Reagan
13. W.

Since Johnson, we're not doing so well, IMHO.