Friday, September 6, 2013

Various Rants on the United States Involvement in the Syrian Civil War

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Every vote a Democrat makes in favor of Bombing Syria is going to cost the Democratic Party HUGE in 2014!!!

Democrats need to heed the will of the American People. Get these so-called Democrats in-line to save the Party. If they get their way it will destroy the Party. Republicans play a better long game than Democrats, Wise Up!

Why aren't you calling for all parties in the Syrian Civil War to lay down arms. It is the only moral action the United States can take.

No more weapons given to Al-Queda, Syrian Opposition, Hezbollah, Mujahideen, Democratic Union Party and/or any other minor factions the United States is presently arming. Humanitarian aid only.

Gratuitous YouTube Add:

Edwin Starr - War (What Is It Good For?)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How Frequently Shall I Post?

Future Direction of this Blog

Posting everyday is too time consuming, when considering a lack of corresponding income. Then there is the lack of people reading what I write, am I right?

Upcoming topics, I am presently working:

One is a narrative on two sides to every issue (to be published this weekend);
Another is my thoughts on live MSM interviews;
Finally, the value of playing Monopoly, working on the direction I will take, so many options.

So, for now, I will post three to five times a week, mainly focusing on the weekend. 

I welcome topic suggestions/feedback. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Liberal Position on Syria

The US should not get involved. If you think Liberals believe otherwise, you're obviously not talking to actual Liberals.

RWNJs will also say "...but Obama..." when obviously they have no real argument, because looking at President Obama's record, he's clearly no Liberal. These RWNJs are mindless drones, incapable of thought. They're told to oppose President Obama and that is what they do. They can't coherently express why they're opposed, arguments never have anything to do with facts. It is always Obama this or that offering not the least substantive rationale for their opposition.

My position is quite similar: I believe the US should not get involved unless our nation is proposing all parties immediately and permanently lay down arms. I find it sad that this isn't even a discussion.

People are quick to say "it won't work", "that's stupid" or "you're disillusion", whatever you get the point, always responding with a non-sequitur. Never will they discuss the merit of the argument, nor will they acknowledge there would be no fighting without arms. Additionally, by not arguing everyone should lay down arms, provides for, what I consider, a legitimate argument they're complicit due to lack of calling for peace.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

My First Blog

There are rules:

  • Rule Number One (Which you must blindly follow and is non-negotiable): Do not agree with everything I write. 
  • Rule Number Two (Which you must blindly follow and is non-negotiable): Discourse is welcome. Suggestions are welcome. Corrections to any mistake, which I am bound to make, are welcome.
  • Rule Number Three: Addition Rules will be added as they are needed.

Pope Francis on the Syrian Civil War

I commend Pope Francis, for speaking out on the Syrian Civil War. A couple of his notable quotes on Sunday: 

  • “May the cry for peace enter the hearts of everyone so that they may all lay down their weapons,”;
  • “My heart is profoundly wounded in these days by what is happening in Syria and I am anxious about the prospect of dramatic developments,”;
  •  “I condemn with particular force the use of chemical weapons. I still have in my mind and heart the terrible images of the past days,”;
  • “Weapons and violence do not lead to peace, war leads to more war,”
Gun Nuts pay particular attention to that last one.

Wouldn't it be nice if could elaborate by also condemning weapons manufacturers and various other war profiteers as well?

I hope he will continue speaking regularly on the Syrian Civil War and all other ongoing armed conflicts taking place around the world, which also need to end.

Victims of the War on Drugs

Harmless Drugs Users & the Collateral Damage to the American Economy

There needs pardons for all non-violent drug offenders. This is necessary to clean up the mess the War on Drugs has done to undermine the potential of millions of America citizens costly untold damage to the Economy.

Consider, three consecutive Presidents lives were not ruined by illegal drug use, yet amazingly they managed to make something of themselves. They won the lottery of escaping prosecution, while countless numbers of their peers had their lives devastated. These non-privileged citizens sat behind bars, others lost the right to go to college, others can't not get hired into prosperous careers,... and America's Economy suffered, from their lost productivity. Are we as a nation going to allow another couple of generations barred from prosperity all due to a nonsensical stigma? Did we lose a better President, due to a drug charge, barring them from financial aid, forcing them out of college? We'll never know.

Let me be clear, only drug crimes are those to be pardoned, charges of theft, robbery, weapons charges, etc. would not be crimes covered under the pardons.

Locking people up is expensive, it would be far cheaper to providing shelter, employment assistance & job training, food stamps and finally drug treatment, than sending people through the court system handing out mandatory sentencing like candy on Halloween. Saving from no longer imprisoning people could be shifted to schools: primary, secondary and universities, a more educated populous is a huge win for society.
Imagine the judiciary focusing prosecution of criminals stealing the life saving of the elderly, one of which could have been one of your grandparents. Police departments could be demilitarized. Jails could be emptied, removing this nation from the dubious distinction  of incarcerating so many of its citizens.

The tax base could be expanded, by having more prosperous individuals. Decriminalization & legalization would create more small business owners, providing more people to be taxed. Taxation of these drugs would further expand the tax base.
I, being a lifelong abstainer of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, feel for those casualties lost in this nonsense, though I do wish everyone could unshackle themselves from these undue burdens which any individual might suffer.