Monday, September 2, 2013

The Liberal Position on Syria

The US should not get involved. If you think Liberals believe otherwise, you're obviously not talking to actual Liberals.

RWNJs will also say "...but Obama..." when obviously they have no real argument, because looking at President Obama's record, he's clearly no Liberal. These RWNJs are mindless drones, incapable of thought. They're told to oppose President Obama and that is what they do. They can't coherently express why they're opposed, arguments never have anything to do with facts. It is always Obama this or that offering not the least substantive rationale for their opposition.

My position is quite similar: I believe the US should not get involved unless our nation is proposing all parties immediately and permanently lay down arms. I find it sad that this isn't even a discussion.

People are quick to say "it won't work", "that's stupid" or "you're disillusion", whatever you get the point, always responding with a non-sequitur. Never will they discuss the merit of the argument, nor will they acknowledge there would be no fighting without arms. Additionally, by not arguing everyone should lay down arms, provides for, what I consider, a legitimate argument they're complicit due to lack of calling for peace.

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