Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pope Francis on the Syrian Civil War

I commend Pope Francis, for speaking out on the Syrian Civil War. A couple of his notable quotes on Sunday: 

  • “May the cry for peace enter the hearts of everyone so that they may all lay down their weapons,”;
  • “My heart is profoundly wounded in these days by what is happening in Syria and I am anxious about the prospect of dramatic developments,”;
  •  “I condemn with particular force the use of chemical weapons. I still have in my mind and heart the terrible images of the past days,”;
  • “Weapons and violence do not lead to peace, war leads to more war,”
Gun Nuts pay particular attention to that last one.

Wouldn't it be nice if could elaborate by also condemning weapons manufacturers and various other war profiteers as well?

I hope he will continue speaking regularly on the Syrian Civil War and all other ongoing armed conflicts taking place around the world, which also need to end.

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