Friday, September 6, 2013

Various Rants on the United States Involvement in the Syrian Civil War

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Every vote a Democrat makes in favor of Bombing Syria is going to cost the Democratic Party HUGE in 2014!!!

Democrats need to heed the will of the American People. Get these so-called Democrats in-line to save the Party. If they get their way it will destroy the Party. Republicans play a better long game than Democrats, Wise Up!

Why aren't you calling for all parties in the Syrian Civil War to lay down arms. It is the only moral action the United States can take.

No more weapons given to Al-Queda, Syrian Opposition, Hezbollah, Mujahideen, Democratic Union Party and/or any other minor factions the United States is presently arming. Humanitarian aid only.

Gratuitous YouTube Add:

Edwin Starr - War (What Is It Good For?)

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