Saturday, December 21, 2013

Too Many People, Change the Tax Code!

Dear Senator Portman & Brown (each prefaced with only appropriate name)

Please fix the Tax Code, so no longer will the United States (US) Government promote its citizens breed children as if we are cattle. The US has too many people, action needs to be taken, our resources are stretching thin.

Within the next 100 years, life expectancy could exceed 150 years. The future holds an untold bounty of technological advances, in addition technology within reach of many of our lifetimes. These are not limited to: micro-scale DNA repairing robots, growing replacement organs, stem-cell organ regeneration ...

People right now need to limit themselves to having a single child, so as to have a world unburdened by unsustainable population growth rates. We need birth control, now more than ever.

So please end the deduction for children. I understand existing families with children will need to be grandfathered.

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