Monday, June 16, 2014

Dear Media,

Do not fall into the sensationalism trap. It is a disservice to legitimate research & the American people which are due accurate & true reporting, always and without fail. Imprecise terms enable, aid & abet RWNJs conspiratorial nature. For sake of reason & country, let us sever all ties and leave them behind.

Scientific illiteracy is akin to disease, in that it inhibits productive use of our minds. The media has a duty to educate people and stamp out scientific illiteracy, but yet compel us see new possibilities and stark realities.  Alleviate society's burden of having to carry water for those who refuse knowledge.

Please understand your role in disseminating scientific knowledge. Trust in your readers' scientific literacy and understanding. Brevity shall be normalized and expected in discussions & articles of scientific research.

Embrace the Fourth Estate, endowed by our Constitution & strive to attain its truest potential. In hopes of leading us toward the betterment of humankind & that our brain's providence will carry us to attain a world befitting our unimagined possiblity.

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  1. You are quite the interesting person. Knowledge and reason, I hope, in the end will prevail. But nobody said it wasn't going to be a bumpy road along the way. I read your comments on Raw Story but haven't commented myself yet. Much prefer to listen (read) and learn. Keep up the good work.